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Back to School:Return to a Schedule

I love the back to school time of year.  Kids are excited about meeting new teachers, seeing their friends and being dressed in their finest new duds.  I don’t even mind packing lunches because their brand spanking new lunch pails have yet to fall victim to a two day old tuna sandwich or a smashed banana.

What I enjoy the most about the back to school routine is the return to a schedule.  A concrete list of start times, end times and must not misses.  I’m an accountant so schedules and deadlines are in my blood.  A way to have order in chaos.  Schedules make me happy.  Mostly.  In preparation for the kids starting back to school next week I began keying school and activity schedules into our family calendar on  Not too far into the process I realized I may be afforded an average of two hours of sleep each night if I actually strive to accomplish all that should be done in a day.  Am I the only one whose daily calendar looks something like this-



Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit but it doesn’t feel like it.  LJ’s fall soccer season starts and he has on going golf lessons.  The Boss started practices for the rec team she is playing on and both have Kids Club at church to attend each week.  On top of that we have to navigate a bothersome thing called HOMEWORK.  Knowing all this Big Daddy sent me a text that made me want to simultaneously laugh and cry.  The text read:

“Do you have an issue with LJ playing fall baseball?”

Uh, what? Give me a moment to pick up my jaw and my phone.  Are practices for fall ball from 1 – 2 AM because we may have that time slot available…. at least on the 2nd Thursday of each month.  I know the boy child has been begging to play baseball again and fall ball is a way to allow him to get reacquainted with that skill set with minimal time commitment but I fear another item being added to our schedule. Beyond that I fear what spring would bring should the boy love it and wish to play the traditional baseball season.  Actually I know what it will mean- it will mean that the schedule above would be pretty darn accurate.  If I am to survive this sort of schedule I must commit to:

1) locating the housekeeper I’ve been wanting to secure for years

2) researching and utilizing  home delivery options for our groceries

and most importantly:

3) Finding and joining a wine of the month club (or two, or three….)

Football: American Style

Let’s talk about football.  For this post I’m not looking to discuss the beloved sport that we all know, love, and refer to as soccer.  I’m talking about Football: quarterbacks, tight ends and even the blue collar offensive and defensive linemen.

College football kicks off tonight for “our” team.  USC is playing Hawaii and our household could not be more excited. The sights, the sounds, the colors, the competition… we love it. It is another sign that, despite what the temperature outside indicates, summer is coming to a close.  Saturday mornings that lack early morning soccer wake up calls will be spent watching the ESPN’s College Game Day crew analyze the upcoming matchups and guessing which mascot’s headgear Lee Corso will pull out of the box and place on his head.

As with my developed love for soccer there is just something about college football that gets me excited and I find it rather difficult to explain.  The drama, the pageantry, the tradition, the rivalries….all this is woven together into a wonderful tapestry that IS the college football experience.   Maybe it is the nostalgic feelings towards being a college student and that fun time in life. Maybe it is just the ribbing that you get when your team is struggling or, even better, the fun you get to have when it is your friend whose team is faltering.  It is just a great time of year. The past is gone; the new season has yet to kick off.  Every team thinks that THIS is the year and there is not yet evidence to prove otherwise.


Unlucky as it relates to sports is not something I encountered until I became a soccer mom.  Looking back on my glory days as an athlete in Jr. High or even playing recreationally in college I don’t recall hearing anyone respond to a negative result by saying “unlucky”.  If someone on our volleyball team failed to dig the ball cleanly it was not unlucky, it was a good kill by our opponent.  If I failed to make a shot in racquetball I was not unlucky, rather, my rival played a better shot and earned a point because I could not do the same.  In both of these scenarios luck, or lack thereof, had little to do with it.  One player had what it takes to beat the other. Period.  Can you imagine someone patting Dennis Eckersley on the back and saying, “unlucky”, after Kirk Gibson sent the full count pitch over the right field fence in game 1 of the 1988 World Series?

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Love Story, Part 2

Big Daddy made it quite clear that there was a condition that had to be met before he moved into my one bedroom loft apartment after we were married. There was no doubt that I had to secure cable TV before he would even consider stepping foot over the threshold after reciting our vows. This was not a condition for marriage- just for postnuptial cohabitation. You see, the 2002 FIFA World Cup kicked off less than a week after we got married. Without some sort of cable TV he would marry me but would continue to live with his Uncle until the conclusion of the World Cup. Thinking that an odd way to start off a marriage I added cable to the list of bills paid each month.

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The Beautiful Game: A Love Story Part 1

Looking back on more than eleven years of marriage I realize that there was a part of our wedding ceremony that I obviously missed.   I was clearly distracted by the white gown, the handsome man sporting a tuxedo or the throngs of our friends and family who gathered to help us celebrate our wedding. Thinking back I realize I was so focused on keeping happy tears from springing from my eyes and making a mess of my makeup that I hardly heard the vows.   In my head I heard and agreed to the following:

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