The Beautiful Game: A Love Story Part 1

Looking back on more than eleven years of marriage I realize that there was a part of our wedding ceremony that I obviously missed.   I was clearly distracted by the white gown, the handsome man sporting a tuxedo or the throngs of our friends and family who gathered to help us celebrate our wedding. Thinking back I realize I was so focused on keeping happy tears from springing from my eyes and making a mess of my makeup that I hardly heard the vows.   In my head I heard and agreed to the following:

Do you, most beautiful bride ever, take this amazing man to be your husband? Do you promise to continually be loved, honored and cherished? Do you promise to accept gracefully all the lavish gifts of love that will bestowed upon you? Do you promise to be kind in picking the movies choosing, on occasion, an action adventure option rather than a chick flick? Do you look forward to a lifetime of romance and adventure and you always getting your way while forsaking all others in the name of love?

I DO, indeed!

Yes, it is clear that the 127 bobby pins that secured my hair and beautifully crafted tiara to my head caused some damage and my failure to eat anything of substance prior to the ceremony left me light headed and unable to concentrate. After more than a decade of marriage I am quite convinced that the vows that were really spoken were:

I, the most beautiful bride ever, take this handsome man to be my husband. I promise to not kill him when he leaves the toilet seat up or fails to open the window or use air freshener after waging a 40 minute assault on our tiny bathroom. I promise to love him even when he fails to put his shoes and socks away, honor him as he blatantly ignores the Mt. St. Helens sized pile of laundry on the couch that is begging to be folded and cherish him as he watches fox soccer channel around the clock. I take this man and look forward to a lifetime of happiness , adventure and romance….. As long as it doesn’t interfere with soccer.

Okay, I’m being unfair in the revised vows, he’s not as unselfish as that would lead you to believe. Truth still remains that unbeknownst to me on that day I not only married a great man but I committed myself fully to a life time of events and memories surrounded by the great, beautiful, game of soccer.


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