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Unlucky as it relates to sports is not something I encountered until I became a soccer mom.  Looking back on my glory days as an athlete in Jr. High or even playing recreationally in college I don’t recall hearing anyone respond to a negative result by saying “unlucky”.  If someone on our volleyball team failed to dig the ball cleanly it was not unlucky, it was a good kill by our opponent.  If I failed to make a shot in racquetball I was not unlucky, rather, my rival played a better shot and earned a point because I could not do the same.  In both of these scenarios luck, or lack thereof, had little to do with it.  One player had what it takes to beat the other. Period.  Can you imagine someone patting Dennis Eckersley on the back and saying, “unlucky”, after Kirk Gibson sent the full count pitch over the right field fence in game 1 of the 1988 World Series?

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