Fall Season Kick off: 2013

When we were given the kid’s schedules a few weeks ago we were immediately struck with the fact that we had a conflict…. DAY ONE.  We knew that there would inevitably be some conflicts in the fall schedule.  What we were not prepared for was for it to happen on the first Saturday. *grrrr*  While LJ’s team plays year round today marked the first game of the fall season in the new, higher, bracket they were promoted to based on last year’s play.  For the Boss today marked the first game she played after aging out of Pee Wee. She now has the pleasure of playing 9v9 on a larger field and having to deal with goal keepers. Long story short, big day for both kiddos.  Trying to determine who went where was odd. What? We are to vocalize which child we preferred to watch? That seems like an all around bad idea.  What did we do?

Cards will determine our fate

Cards will determine our fate


Seriously, we picked cards.  With LJ sitting right there I was told to pick a card.  A Jack and I went to The Boss’ game, an Ace I went with the boy child.  My fate?  I chose an ace.  LJ and I headed off to a local middle school which, I must add on this day where temperatures topped 94 degrees, is devoid of any trees. It was hot! The boys looked strong, really strong, but failed to capitalize when opportunities presented themselves and found themselves on the wrong end of a 3-2 game.  After coach completed his post mortem I received a text that the 2nd half was just starting in The Boss’ game.  Sweet.  Just found an upside to the rec league working out opening day kinks.  A quick drive found us at the park and we located her field and found our girl tending the goal  Her keeper brother was proud! We didn’t get to see if she had really been paying attention when at her brother’s games as her team spent the bulk of the time in the attacking half.

This is also where I saw that my girl is truly MY GIRL.  They had a water break (again, was hot as hell out today!) and my girl told the coach she was okay staying on the sideline.  Seriously? Who asks to be benched? The Boss does.   We, out of our girl’s ear shot, advised the coach that she is not to listen to her.  She is to play her as she wants.  See- The Boss is a good player.  She had the team’s first goal, in fact.  Just turns out that, like her Momma, she is lazy.  LAZY!  She confirm this on the way home when she noted that she really didn’t want to be all sweaty. Well, sunshine, you may be in the wrong sport.  :) Truth be told I don’t blame the girl it was hot.  I was sweating like a stuffed pig and I was sitting on my butt under an umbrella.   That said- we are working to create habits that will promote physical movement and activity….not sitting on the bench waiting to collect the snack of the week.

All told it was a fantastic day of soccer despite the boy’s loss.  I was pleased to have been able to see LJ’s game and half of The Boss’ and then to get to introduce myself to her coach…. see Big Daddy has taken on dealing with her practices so today was my first glance at the Blue Jaguars. Is going to be a fun season for both of them.  Looking ahead at the schedule there will be a few more times where we will have to pick cards to determine where we will go.



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