USA v. Mexico- As lived by this Soccer Mom- Second Half


Half time- get The Boss and family their dinner.  I rid myself of the tag that proves Big Daddy never actually wore this jersey.

Kickoff of 2nd half- My phone rings and it’s my Mom.  Doesn’t she realize what is on TV at the moment? I exchange pleasantries and thank her for checking in on me with my battle with the flu.  I LOVE chatting with my Mom but my goodness… there is a game going on here.

48th minute– US actually looks to have some offensive life but they are waiting yet for the payoff goal. Wait! They get awarded a corner and it found itself in the back of the net courtesy of Eddie Johnson!!! USA USA USA! Our neighborhood may now be asking what sort of animal was stabbed in our house as Big Daddy’s cheer was more of a yelp with just a hint of a wooo hooo.. 1-0 USA

49th minute– As the TV coverage continued to show replays Big Daddy has a chat with LJ “What did that keeper do wrong?” and he promptly responds “came out”  Big Daddy adds..”If you come out you have GOT to get the ball!!!’

51st minute- LJ proclaims his lack of USA jersey is lucky in USA v. Mexico games. We’ve clearly passed on the ridiculous sports superstitions gene

52nd minute- Alejandro Moreno makes Big Daddy appear to have some soccer cred as he basically reiterates what BD had instructed LJ about on corners just moments ago.

57th minute- Mexico awarded a corner that appeared to be more worthy of a goal kick.  That goes out for a 2nd corner… which falls into Tim Howards’s bread basket.

60th minute- crowd is chanting “Dos a cero” and Big Daddy educates the boy on the history of that

62nd minute- Dempsey kicks the ball out of bounds so his teammate, Eddie Johnson can be tended to. Replay shows he got a decent knock to the head.  USA plays temporarily with 10 men.  Big Daddy excited at the prospect of Johannsson come in but that may have to wait.

68th minute- LJ is doing mental gymnastics about the hex table and what actually must happen for USA to actually clinch it and begins waving the flag,  The Boss appears to have somehow locked herself in the hallway which is odd since that door does not lock. For now, we’ll go with it and leave her be.  LJ actually shows mercy to his sister and lets her out. She came out here long enough to get a drink of water and then went back to watch whatever it is she has turned on in our bedroom.  I’m not worried- we have parental controls in there.

72nd minute- Besley shows the young boys that he still has some flash- may have been out of gas and couldn’t deliver the pass that was needed

75th minute- E.Johnson’s knock to the head from earlier ends up being too much. He comes off for Diskerud. Big Daddy is disappointed in this decision

77th minute– The Boss graces us with her presence once more and this time at least acknowledges the game asking ” Who’s winning? The US?” Big Daddy nods yes and she gives a enthusiastic fist pump and a “YES!”

78th minute- Dos a Cero! Landon Donovan, The Boss’  soccer boyfriend, scored after wonderful ball control by the recent sub, Diskerud. Appears Klinsmann knows more than Big Daddy. 2-0 USA!!! We all let the neighborhood know of our pleasure

83rd minute- Big Daddy is monitoring things regarding this game on twitter and facebook and such and announces that “the crowd is chanting ‘you aren’t going to Brazil” to Mexico. LJ asks, “Do you think they can understand what they are saying” Uh, yeah, I am sure most of the Mexican fans and the team understand English.

88th minute- the age ol’ game of “how much stoppage time with there be?” begins.  Big Daddy says 6, LJ and I said 5 but he makes me change so I say 4.  The Boss is here to watch the end of the game with us and wants to wave the flag.  Her request is denied as she has not touched it all game and for her to do so now could change things in favor of Mexico

91st minute- They have still not announced official stoppage time and we are all getting antsy


93rd minute- Dos a Cero chants make a comeback in Columbus

94th minute- Ian Darke “Well, looks like the US is going to Brazil and Mexico is going to New Zealand for a playoff, who would have thunk it?”

94th minute part two- Wow- a PK awarded- he missed it but it does not matter.  A text from Big Daddy’s brother noted that Tim Howard should have taken it


Well exciting US soccer game. We love spending this time together…. even with Boss girl going in and out.  THIS is why we love soccer.



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