Archives for September 14, 2013

Enjoy the Moment

Had the pleasure, yes I said pleasure, of taking The Boss to skills night last night.  This is an extra night of practice that our recreational league offers.  They work on specific, individual, skills like shooting, 1 v. 1 defending and ball handling.  I openly admit that if I would have been  asked before hand to measure, on a scale of 1 -10, my excitement level about “getting” to attend i would have likely said “5”.  I was totally indifferent, it was really just something I had to do.  After sitting there for just about 15 minutes my attitude changed.

I’d forgotten how friendly, how town square like, the sideline of recreational soccer can be.  I didn’t have any real interactions with other parents but the vibe is so very different.  The palpable stress level created by the competition of club soccer is totally absent at rec’s skills night.  There are no dads hovering off to the side whispering as they recap last week’s game most assuredly noting how their son, who is most definitely destined for stardom, was a beast on the pitch while *insert other boys name here* didn’t even deserve the eight minutes playing time he got.  No, at rec skills those dads are replaced by moms and dads who happily play on their phones and discuss random events while casually observing the goings on out on the field.

On the field things look different too.  The lines in the drills are less tidy.  Kids have yet to realize that the very act of lining up and, more specifically, getting in line first is, in and of itself, a competition.  The scissors, step overs and Cruyff skills are replaced with skipping, daisy picking and doing exactly the opposite of what the coach is instructing them to do.  Breaks for water and Gatorade are part of the fun of practice.  Every aspect of practice is fun, it’s all new.  If there are parts of practice the kids don’t particularly enjoy it is no matter- they simply change things up and make their own fun.

This is what shifted my thinking from raging indifference to actual enjoyment.  Being an adult is hard, stressful.  I have a never ending lists of things to do, deadlines to meet, expectations to reach.  It is always go, go, go, go, go and do,do, do, do, do.  Tonight, for an hour and a half, I got to just be  “The Boss’ Mom”.  I was allowed to watch my girl and her friends have some carefree fun as they picked up a few nuggets of soccer knowledge.

At one point my girl had peeled off from the pack.  She had her own ball at her feet and was playing with her pinny. Rather than mentally roll my eyes, shake my head and get up to try and get her involved I watched her.  She was happy in the moment.  As i watched it became clear that she was protecting one of the six goals that had been set out for the drill while the others were busy playing bee-hive ball at its finest…. save the two boys who apparently had enough of soccer and had transitioned instead to wrestling.  It was just a gift to watch these kids, who spanned various age groups and skill levels, having fun.

The hour and half at the field was a fantastic reminder to take my foot off the throttle once in awhile.  I am so competitive with everything and I always want to get so much done… then when I don’t accomplish what I “should” I beat myself up over it.  My mind is constantly churning, moving, thinking, analyzing and I owe it to myself, my husband, and my kids to slow down and and enjoy the moment more often.  Sometimes that may be the simple act of sitting back and observing practice, appreciating my kids for the gifts they are to me.  Other times that may be taking a moment with The Boss and taking pretend “selfies” with the old Ottter Box case she uses as a pretend iphone.  This Soccer Mom is blessed and sometimes it takes a practice I would have been happy to skip to really put me in check and remind me to enjoy the time I’m given with the kids.