Football: American Style

Let’s talk about football.  For this post I’m not looking to discuss the beloved sport that we all know, love, and refer to as soccer.  I’m talking about Football: quarterbacks, tight ends and even the blue collar offensive and defensive linemen.

College football kicks off tonight for “our” team.  USC is playing Hawaii and our household could not be more excited. The sights, the sounds, the colors, the competition… we love it. It is another sign that, despite what the temperature outside indicates, summer is coming to a close.  Saturday mornings that lack early morning soccer wake up calls will be spent watching the ESPN’s College Game Day crew analyze the upcoming matchups and guessing which mascot’s headgear Lee Corso will pull out of the box and place on his head.

As with my developed love for soccer there is just something about college football that gets me excited and I find it rather difficult to explain.  The drama, the pageantry, the tradition, the rivalries….all this is woven together into a wonderful tapestry that IS the college football experience.   Maybe it is the nostalgic feelings towards being a college student and that fun time in life. Maybe it is just the ribbing that you get when your team is struggling or, even better, the fun you get to have when it is your friend whose team is faltering.  It is just a great time of year. The past is gone; the new season has yet to kick off.  Every team thinks that THIS is the year and there is not yet evidence to prove otherwise.