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Find yourself as the team mom and need a banner despite having limited creativity? Use Zaavy. Seriously. Come back and thank me.


Need soccer gear? Great website, easy to navigate and a pleasure to do business with, honestly.  Just received LJ’s new boots and gloves. As parents we were pleased with the experience and as a player LJ is excited about his new gear.


Want to debate the finer points of soccer with other crazy soccer parents? Gush about how ridiculously talented your son’s team is? Criticize coaches who approach the development process differently than yours does? This is the place for you.   Me? I use it as entertainment and in most cases as a reminder to not take youth soccer so seriously. No, really, some parents have National Rankings….. for 11 year old girls. Wish I was kidding




Nothing is more fun than sitting as a family and watching the U.S. teams for the love of country-



We have been blessed have attended many a Galaxy match over the last few years, including their rain soaked MLS Cup victory over the Dynamo in 2011. Neat fact- both LJ and The Boss have had an opportunity to escort Landon Donovan onto the field as part of the Dream Team!


Every family needs at least one team across the pond to cheer for.  Big Daddy and LJ have selected Arsenal.  The Boss and I are still trying to determine where our loyalty lies.



News and notes relating to the upcoming World Cup


Keeping tabs on players and teams across the pond


Even the sports networks have, finally, increased their coverage of this great sport!