Our Team

Mom’s soccer talent was left undiscovered as her one year of youth soccer, on a team that called themselves The Cabbage Patch Kids, was the whole of her career.  Her parents were not keen to repeat the experience of sitting at the fields through extreme temps of exhausting heat and cold pouring rain. Beyond the mighty Cabbage Patch Kids Mom’s soccer experience was limited to the dreaded soccer period in gym class


Big Daddy is a 2nd generation soccer enthusiast.  His father loved the game and passed that passion on to his four sons.  When the local rec league wasn’t being run as they thought it should be Big Daddy’s father and his friends jumped in and created a new one. Youth recreational, club, high school and adult rec, Big Daddy played them all. He’s also coached many a rec team, including those LJ and Boss played on. When he’s not busy watching his kids play or helping run the local rec league his dad helped create Big Daddy watches more soccer on TV than one could imagine possible.


LJ’s first word was “ball”. He’s had a ball at his feet since he could walk.  LJ didn’t really have to be taught about soccer, he breathes it, it is in him.  LJ is going to his 3rd year of club soccer which practices three nights a week.  On days without practice or weekends without games he can be found playing with his buddies in the neighborhood- many times with a soccer ball. LJ loves Robin van Persie and was devastated when he left Arsenal for Manchester United. He regularly takes in any soccer he can find and will recite facts from the history of soccer DVDs Big Daddy got for Christmas last year



The girl child, aka Boss, is nearly 4 years her brother’s junior. From the time she was born she was forced to attend soccer games. She would be forced to wear gear in support of her brother and learned quickly that if she asked enough times anyone within sight would buy her something from the snack shack at tournaments.  She is part of the siblings club that run amuck during games but at least she’s now reached the age where she knows not to run onto the field.  She too has quite the budding soccer career. Well, potentially. She has the much sought after killer left foot…. she simply lacks the killer instinct at this point. That said she has two years of PeeWee soccer under her shin guards and she looks to move up to “real” soccer for the next season. Goalies and everything! She walks to the beat of her own drummer and has recently announced that Landon Donovan is her boyfriend. She is clearly taking in more soccer than we give her credit for.